JG Meiring High School


At JG Meiring, rugby has always been one of our best supported codes. Our kids are very passionate to represent the school and perform to the best of their ability. We provide outside coaches to expose them to the best quality coaching possible.

Our girls at JG Meiring pride themselves for the type of spirit "gees" we have at all of our games. This is a very positive and uplifting sporting code for your daughter to take part in, to develop long lasting friendships and comradery.

This code has shown to go from strength to strength in the past couple of years. When our kids get the opportunity to compete, they grab it with both hands. We have a total of 5 teams and we're proud to say that we have a girls soccer team as well.

We compete with a girls hockey team in a grads league. These girls are some of the most committed athletes we have at the school. Always willing to learn and go the extra mile to produce the best performance on the field.

We compete in the Western province cricket league and we are in a building phase with this code and we are driven to make it one of our biggest summer codes again.

Our athletics program starts early in the year and we have always had amazing participation. We are proud to say that we are driven to get more and more of our learners to compete in the biggest athletic events within the Western Cape and expose them to quality coaching to get them there.

We have a very competitive chess team that has been instilled over the years at JG Meiring. Our educators involved are amongst the most committed and passionate coaches to expose their learners to the best opportunities to compete against other schools.

Table tennis:
This code is amongst one of the fastest growing codes at our school. We have close to 30 children representing the school and our learners love playing and competing for their school.


TABLE TENNISMs Barendsenbarendse@jgmeiring.co.za
NETBALLMs T van Maaswinkeltvanmaaswinkel@jgmeiring.co.za
ATHLETICS HOUSE CONVENORMr Titusrtitus@jgmeiring.co.za
HOCKEYMs Groenewaldrgroenewald@jgmeiring.co.za
SOCCERMr Hendrickschendricks@jgmeiring.co.za
CHESSMs Moodleytmoodley@jgmeiring.co.za
CRICKETMr Rykliefaryklief@jgmeiring.co.za
CROSS COUNTRYMr Silverssilver@jgmeiring.co.za
TENNISMr Titusrtitus@jgmeiring.co.za
RUGBYMr Dawoodsdawood@jgmeiring.co.za
KARATEMs Davidsndavids@jgmeiring.co.za
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