JG Meiring High School



To prepare each learner for his/her future (academic, spiritual, social, physical) in such a way that he/she may take his/her place in society with ease.


To create a climate which is favourable to all involved, and in which the learners can reach their full potential.


The town, Goodwood, was established in 1905 and named after Goodwood Racecourse in England as the founders intended to make it a racing centre. A course was constructed, but after only one meeting it was abandoned.
JG Meiring High School, an English-medium coeducational high school, this school is now built on the spot where the racecourse was built.

Goodwood Secondary School, as we were first named, opened on 18 January 1954 with 8 teachers and 88 pupils. The buildings were inaugurated on 23 August 1956 and named after Dr J.G. Meiring, at the time Superintendent General of Education (1953 1959).
J.G. Meiring has since grown into a prominent high school boasting a proud record and excellent facilities.


+27 21 591 3131

Mon – Fri: 07h30 – 16h00

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